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Dating A Nerd Man, Does It Really Suck? |

It is true that you are already used to the old saying or believe that nerd guys make better enthusiasts but here’s why it could pull having one.

We listen to some females state matchmaking a nerd guy is the better as he can certainly make things smooth using his technology skills – nerds are the wise dudes.

The aforementioned doesn’t additionally contradict the point that we get plenty of questions regarding “how can you make a nerd fall for you?” Which most women have actually discussed their own experiences working with the nerdy men. So we will share the shameful area of dating a geek below:

10 explanations matchmaking a nerd guy sucks

They are a few supplies on the net talking in the great things about matchmaking a nerd, nut here’s the reason why it sucks having one as a boyfriend:

1. Nerdy men are usually bashful

The majority of time nerdy dudes tend to be busy living the pc lifestyle, they don’t proper care to put their own face on the pc for your day, you might also end up being a computer person but cant definitely invest enough time using the pc.

You’d should remain on the computer for some time immediately after which head out indeed there to do one thing much more physical and have a great time, but nerd guys you shouldn’t.

Each time they’re out they seemed too bashful getting together with men and women, which will make every lady internet dating a shy nerd guy to not ever end up being delighted into the general public.

He probably won’t end up being the fun sort hence he’s a bashful man.

2. pc nerds tend to be active bees

Bees will always be active so carry out the nerdy men we understand, these are generally more acquainted with the pc might finish the keying in of an entire textbook without studying the keyboard.

Women favor men that produces time on their behalf whenever they need it, but this does not often suit a nerd guy.

They’re found wanting to resolve a complicated problem with the computer system and every time the specified production is nowhere almost, these are generally pressed forward to keeping long hours debugging to fix the trouble.

In some instances, they can quickly be nervous and not wanting to perform anything else or could even starve staying on the computer.

3. they truly are smart

Certainly, as wise as hell…

Everyone knows they truly are geeks and having one, means matchmaking a guy who’s both theoretically and realistically noise.

Trying to outsmart them in a connection is actually difficult, its regularly the reality that can perform assisting you away, their unique smartness receives the {an|onan always win finding down situations or discovering what you are around rapidly.

Nerdy men can be aware of the fact and still ask you concerns to see if would certainly be shady about any of it and cover the truth from their website. It sucks whenever a man understands all reality specially when you prefer some info exclusive.

4. Nerdy guys just take interactions also really

Inquiring of guys that happen to be also really serious? You’ve got them during the nerdy team.

Nerdy men are always seeking a long term relationship and it usually sucks if you are wanting to date a geek and you’re under twenty. It’s going to oftimes be such as the moving of a dice.

In the event that you intend not to ever make commitment too severely, next a nerdy man shouldn’t be the selection of man.

You could end whining your boyfriend is just too serious whenever you ultimately landed your self in the hand of a nerdy individual. Many irritating part would be that it is who they are and so they you shouldn’t offer a dam regardless of if it means being slapped the nerdy concept, that’s just who they’re.

5. They may be hackers

It is a fact that internet dating a nerd man often helps shield you from insecurities online, like dropping your own Facebook membership, Instagram, Twitter, etc into the bad guys on the internet.

Nerdy males know most existence cheats to make existence much easier…

That is rather feasible when he really loves you and trust you’re cool with him, he is able to effortlessly get on and shield your entire social networking records against hackers.

They’re these set of those who cannot ask “the way to get into my gf’s Twitter communications?” simply because they know already ways to get in and continue maintaining access from the breeze of a finger. They don’t neccessarily must be society well hacker to get this done.


The guy must be the one to crack you as he starts to feel vulnerable and suspects you are cheating on him. Keep in mind they get connections too seriously.

a geek once contributed an account of just how the guy became enthusiastic about learning if his girl was actually cheating on him and he considered examining the woman Twitter talks with many haphazard guys. Relating to him, he was able to hack the woman Twitter account in 2 minutes.

These doesn’t mean that Facebook is insecure pertaining to anyone into connections but nerds have a few ways of fooling you into supplying the code to them, so you both need access to your own social media records without you understanding.

It is usually where there’s no rely upon the relationship and you also could drop him over this, that is why nerdy guys are not only like other men available to choose from who are not techy.

6. Nerd fashion tends to be embarrassing

Although eliminated would be the occasions where appearing like a geek can be as awkward as hell.

Nerd fashion is something else because they’re not into looking cool continuously, no matter the many numbers of cool nerd clothes available, the man you’re seeing could however dress yourself in a means near awkward and also this sucks if you want going with him.

Ever before expected the man you’re dating to look during the pub with great manner in which he ends up searching nerdy? He will probably seem to be the middle of attraction lol!

Although nerds cand outfit a lot more attractively, but this is on a special time like if they’re preparing for work meeting.

In sum up, a nerd would always like to invest their cash purchasing tools to presenting some wonderful bit of use.

This is why he’d have a bunch of gizmos, laptop computer, smart phones, apple ipad and fruit view an such like. and some garments you name – nerdy outfit.

Surprisingly, they think fine using their technical manner way of life as they’re usually full of thinking the essential of all of the, is the intelligence or reasonable part of existence. And one necessarily need not take a look since attractive as an angel before they were able to solve difficulty and have meals to their table.

If you should be not familiar with the nerd manner, probably you could possibly be pissed-off in regards to the method he dresses.

7. You will have to contend with other females over your

Nerdy guys are noted for maintaining a permanent relationship with some one they like.

Regrettably, if you are online dating a technical, you will be ready to combat the conflict verifying whenever some other girls are getting better or attempting to go beyond their own borders.

Hey! The programmer date is loved by many.

Women like guys who can fix several things by themselves, so that the skills and techniques of your nerd sweetheart in resolving issues will make all women drawn to him and also this sucks when he begins to give attention to them.

8. Asking a geek out on a romantic date sucks as well

You’ll probably be the kind of woman nerds like but inquiring one away maybe problematic.

Several ladies tend to be frightened asking a nerd away, as they won’t understand his responses, it might be good or adverse and several have therefore made the decision never to ask a geek away.

Should you decide succeed creating a geek guy amazed in which he decides to want to know completely or accept your own website, he probably could nonetheless not invest enough time speaking to you.

There’s this nerd man who is a close pal, meeting on a date using the girl is definitely memorable when his devices together with laptop computer is actually nowhere near. So his woman manages that regardless of if it warrants shutting off his gizmos.

Nerdy men are conveniently distracted with systems, they may be able imagine enjoying or liking a lady even so they can’t cover their particular passion for innovation their regularly their own need to keep their hands active and show their own expertise wherever and when.

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9. seeing a nerd is actually mind-blowing

In addition to the method the guy dresses over to the general public, exactly how timid he seems talking-to various other girls available to choose from and exactly how a lot of curiosity about on the computer. You can acquire your mind blown going to his space.

Just how long will a nerd stay up on the computer before getting tires? He gets worn out only once the Pc is actually down, which is if he doesn’t have power banking institutions to keep operating.

You could have a scattered place to set up, this might be boring as he most likely maybe concerned just with maintaining their work desk while the products thoroughly clean while other activities such as the home will take care of on their own.

Although they’re perhaps not the filthy kind but may well not really be enthusiastic about creating their unique apartment look attractive.

10. Conversations with a geek are dull and covered with technology jargons

Many nerds are not the gist type whenever they take to doing one, you could get missing locating the feet if you don’t have an improved IT background.

It sucks when a nerdy guy forgets keeping his tech jargons aside and delivers it into his relationship, this will make you weary from inside the talk and give consideration to him a humdrum sweetheart.

Sometimes a geek could be talking to himself about problems experienced at work and imagining of solving all of them, and sometimes absent-minded as a result of work demands.

If he is constantly operating, he’ll always appear stressed and worn out and wouldn’t be seen engaging earnestly in a conversation along with you.

Final terms

Dating is as constantly, an item of choice, you choose whom you need to date. In a number of situations, knowing the calibre you’re going to relationship, or currently internet dating, could make you have an improved relationship together with the individual.

Nerds have actually great features that produce them better lovers, nevertheless they likewise have behaviors that will move the interest in them if you don’t learn how to handle nerds.

Its typical even when a nerdy individual sometimes appears behaving like a robot or gets to be more sensible, these are typically situations he is always cooperating with.

At this stage, we think this article serves as an useful tips guide on major points to know before matchmaking a nerdy guy. Followed by, you may then choose whether or not to date him or otherwise not.

For those who have outdated a nerd man before or actually have one, you can share with you from inside the remark section the experiences internet dating a technical plus guidance for the types intending to enter a connection with a nerdy man.